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Community Health Workers may perform the following roles: Create connections between vulnerable populations and healthcare providers. … Educate healthcare providers and stakeholders about community health needs. Provide culturally appropriate health education on topics related to chronic disease prevention, physical activity, and nutrition.

Youth sports coaches design and teach basic sports strategies to an assigned group of youngsters. Their job is to preside over all team activities and to teach valuable sporting skills such as teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship.

Karate instructors teach the martial art of karate to students in groups or individually. They demonstrate techniques and help students perfect their own techniques. Instructors monitor students’ progress and prepare them to advance in rank. … If students go to competitions, the instructor will help prepare them.

Group Fitness Instructors are responsible for leading multiple group fitness classes that range in variety and levels from Gospel to Hip Hop. This includes counting, cueing, organizing choreography, and much more.

Broadcast communication is a track within mass communication that pertains to video and audio content for use on a variety of platforms. Broadcasting companies create original content or buy the rights to broadcast local and national content, such as news, music programs, talk shows, movies and advertisements.

Let’s Make It Easier for Kids to Visit Incarcerated Parents with free meals & transportation.
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